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  Boards and Commissions in Delaware County, Iowa

In 2009, the Iowa Legislature adopted a law that becomes effective in 2012, that requires all local boards and commissions have nearly equal numbers of men and women.  This can be found in the 2015 Iowa Code, Chapter 69, Section 16A

Delaware County is being pro-active in implementing this mandate in attaining gender balance on it boards & commissions.  If you are interested in serving on a board or commission in the county, please CLICK HERE for the Application Form for Delaware County Boards & Commissions.  You can submit the application to the Delaware County Board of Supervisors.

Please click on the name of the Board or Commission below for a list of elected and appointed officials, members and representatives for Delaware County.

Adams & Hazel Green FD#1 Trustees
Advisory Board for the Foundation for the Future of Delaware County
Agricultural Extension Council
Board of Governors of Greater Delaware County Community Foundation
Building Direction for Families

City Councils

City Officials

Civil Process Server
Civil Service Commission
Commission for Pioneer Cemeteries

Courthouse Security Task Force

Delaware County Board of Health
Delaware County Board of Review

Delaware County Board of Supervisors

Delaware County Compensation Board
Delaware County Communications Board
Delaware County Conference Board
Delaware County Conservation Board
Delaware County Economic Development Board
Delaware County Examining Board
Delaware County Fair Board
Delaware County Medical Examiner & Deputy Medical Examiners
Delaware County Officials
Delaware County Planning Commission
Delaware County Public Hospital Board of Trustees
Delaware County Recreational Center Board
Delhi Public Library Board of Directors (non-resident member)

Dyersville Board of Adjustment

Dyersville Planning & Zoning Commission

E911 Service Board

East Central Intergovernmental Association
East Central Intergovernmental Association - Business Growth

Eastern Iowa Regional Housing Authority Board

Eastern Iowa Regional Utility Service Systems (EIRUSS)
Eastern Iowa Tourism Council
Emergency Management Board

Eminent Domain Compensation Board

Enterprise Zone Commission

First Judicial Correctional Service Board
Jail Physician

Judicial System

Juvenile Detention Board

Lake Delhi Combined Recreational Facility & Water Quality District Trustees

Magistrate Commissioners

Operation: New View Board

Political Party Chairpersons
Recreation Center & Fairgrounds Building Committee
Regional Planning Affiliation Board
Regional Transit Authority
Resource Conservation & Development Board
Resource Conservation & Development Board - Cultural Council

School Boards

Soil & Water Conservation District

Solid Waste Disposal Commission

Southeast Iowa Emergency Medical Services Council

State Senate & Representatives & Districts

Township Officials

Veteran Affairs Commissioners

Workforce Investment Region One


Fountain Spring Park

Manchester, Iowa

Lake Delhi Boat Landing

Maquoketa River Scene