Delaware County, Iowa Main election Information. Find information about the following: Primary Elections, General Elections, City Elections, School Elections and Special Elections.


** NEW**
**  Ordinance #35 - Establishing Voting Precincts & Supervisor Districts
  pursuant to the 2010 Population Census
**  Voting Precincts Map
**  Supervisor District Map
         District 1 - pink
         District 2 - green
         District 3 - yellow
**  City of Manchester Ward Map
         1st Ward - pink
         2nd Ward -green
         3rd Ward - yellow
**  Iowa Congressional District Map
**  Iowa Senate District Map
**  State Senate District #48 Map
**  Iowa House District Map
**  State Representative District #96 Map
**  Iowa Judicial District Map


This is the main election information     page. We have broken elections into five (5) categories for ease of use.  The categories are:

Primary Election

General Election

City/School Election

Special Election


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Top 5 Reasons To Vote!

  1. It's your money. The elected officials you vote for will decide how much of our wealth to invest in public services and how to fairly share the tax burden.
  2. It's your children's education. You elect local and state school board members who set public education policy and budgets that will affect how well prepared your children and grandchildren will be for the future. Decisions by our legislators, governor, members of Congress and president also affect the public schools-- and the quality and cost of higher education as well.
  3. It's your job. Congress, the president, the governor and your legislators influence what job training is available, minimum wage, pay equity, fairness in hiring, health insurance through your employer, job and pension security, and workplace safety.
  4. It's your health care. Action by the governor, legislature and Congress has made health insurance accessible to thousands but many citizens are still uninsured. Their decisions on Medicaid, Medicare and private insurance laws determine your access to health care.
  5. You breathe the air and drink the water. Your county, state and national elected officials set pollution standards, enforcement strategies and budgets. They plan and zone where roads and industries will be built and how public lands will be used --decisions that can determine how safe your air and water are.

- The Primary Election in Iowa is a “closed” primary which is held for the members of political parties to nominate candidates for the general election. The term “primary election” when it is used in the Code of Iowa, refers to the Primary Election held in June of even-numbered years. The primary election is held on the 1st Tuesday following the 1st Monday in June.

- A General Election is an election in which all or most members of a given political body are up for election. The term is usually used to refer to elections held for a nation's primary legislative body, as distinguished from by-elections and local elections. General Elections are held the 1st Tuesday after the 1st Monday in November of each even-numbered year.

- A City/School Election is held on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November during odd-numbered years. There will no longer be separate City and School Elections. A City Election is used to elect the Mayor and Council Members for specific cities in Delaware County. A School Election is an election used to elect school board members for specific school districts located in and adjacent to Delaware County.

- A Special Election is any election that is not a regular scheduled election.  The election may be called for by any taxing authority in Delaware County, including city councils, the county board of supervisors, school boards or by any other governing body for any purpose authorized or required as defined by the Code of Iowa.