The county Medical Examiner is a licensed doctor who investigates deaths pursuant to Chapter 331.801 of the 1985 Iowa Code. The ME reports to the County Attorney and State Bureau of Criminal Investigation.

  Delaware County, Iowa - Medical Examiner

County Medical Examiner shall be either a licensed doctor of medicine or licensed osteopathic physician of the county, who shall investigate any death caused from violence, sudden, or suspicious manner as specified in Chapter 331.801 of the 1985 Code and, report same to County Attorney and State Bureau of Criminal Investigation.

Compensation plus actual expenses for each investigation shall be paid by county.

Medical Examiner shall order autopsies as deemed necessary or are required by County Attorney or State Medical Examiner.

Address of
Medical Examiner's office:
Manchester Family Medical Associates
613 West Main Street Manchester, Iowa 52057

Office Hours:
Monday - Friday
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

8:00 AM - 12:00PM

Phone Number:
(563) 927-2629

FAX Number:
(563) 927-5247

Medical Examiner:
R. Ried Boom, M.D.

Deputy Medical Examiners:
Scot R. Christiansen, M.D.
Jane A. Hartnett, M.D.
Clinton Cummings, D.O.
Blanka Divosa, M.D.
Timothy Gerst, M.D.
Nikolas May, M.D.
Nicole Salow, M.D.

Death Investigator:
Dave Staner

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